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    Simple, Automated & Insightful Reporting Tools

  • We focus on reporting so you can focus on education.

    • Revenue Reconciliation for Split Payments

      Do you have families that split payments across multiple family members or agencies? We can help reconcile payments to ensure everyone has paid what they owed.

    • Revenue Reporting
      1. Identify the variances between the expected revenue compared to actual revenue.
      2. Accurate Accounting of Royalty fees for Francises.
      3. Revenue by Source (tuition, drop-in, one-time, recurring, existing, new).
    • Expected Hours Saved Per Week
    • Annual Days Saved Compiling Reporting
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    • Technical Resources Required
    • Scheduled Reports
      • Schedule weekly and monthly automated email reports so you can always be aware of how your centers are performing.
      • Triggered alert reports will send you emails if certain criteria are met so you can be react to issues as soon as they happen.
    • Enrollment Reporting
      • Identify returning students, new students and dropped students.
      • How is new enrollment stats trending over time?
      • How are dropped enrollment stats trending over time?
    • Performance by Center and Classroom
      • Quickly identify which classrooms or centers are profitable and which ones aren’t.
      • Focus resources on where your center can be most profitable.
    • Trending Metrics
      • How are this weeks metrics trending compared to your historical metrics?
      • Get on top of issues before they become big problems.
    • Analytics Support
      • Leverage our data scientists to interpret your data or to build custom reports.
      • Reduce the labor expenses of employing in-house support while we find the needle in the haystacks of data to provide you with the insights you need.
    • Custom Reports

      As data analytics experts we can quickly build custom reports based on the KPI’s you want to report on. No need to employ internal staff, we can build what you need on demand.

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